Strengthening Massachusetts with Sustainable Economic Empowerment Programming

The mission of the Massachusetts Financial Educators Council℠ is to build sustainable, scalable economic empowerment programs that have a real impact on people’s lives at the community level. To accomplishing this mission, we focus on these 3 Pillars:

Pillar 1: Increase Access & Develop Sustainable Financial Education Programming.

Organizations – We provide resources, training, personnel, and support to build scalable financial wellness programming.

Individuals & Families – Resources and courses are provided for those seeking to improve their own finances and/or teach their kids about money.

Pillar 2: Raise Awareness for Economic Empowerment through Financial Education.

Advocacy Promotion Campaigns – We promote the adoption of financial literacy into schools, getting families involved in teaching kids about money, and encouraging individuals to improve their knowledge.

Local Financial Education Data – Conducting and curating Massachusetts-specific personal finance research to share with stakeholders across the education and media sectors.

Pillar 3: Develop Relationships to Deploy and Sustain Community Financial Wellness.

Combat Financial Illiteracy – This is a crucial moment for our country and its citizens. And financial literacy is the key to addressing one of this country’s top crises.

Grassroots Movement – Join us in the movement to help our community work toward greater financial independence and security. We welcome everyone. Here are a few ways you can join.

Join The Movement

Receivers of resources & support.

Promote the campaign across the community.

Join Advisory Board
Community leaders of local & state chapters.

Why We Are Uniquely Positioned to Serve

The Massachusetts Financial Educators Council℠ is a state chapter of the National Financial Educators Council®. The National Chapter is well-qualified to support our initiatives here across the state of Massachusetts – they bring:


As an IACET Accredited Provider, the NFEC offers IACET CEUs for its learning events that comply with the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education and Training Standard.

Social Impact

As a Certified B Corporation, the NFEC meets the highest standards for socially responsible commerce, using the power of business to build more sustainable economies.


The NFEC set industry standards for the financial education and financial coaching industry.

NFEC Financial Literacy Standard Alignment Verified

Our Local Champions Across Massachusetts Make this Possible

Local champions ensure that financial education programming, resources and data are provided complimentary to individuals and organizations throughout Massachusetts.