Join the Massachusetts Financial Educators Council’s Local Community Champions Advisory Board

Are you passionate about promoting financial wellness in your community and looking to share your expertise to support local citizens as they work toward greater financial security?

If yes, consider joining the Massachusetts Financial Educators Council’s Local Advisory Board and be your local Community Champion. As an Advisory Board Member, you situate yourself in a better position to share your knowledge with the local community and guide financial wellness program donations to community members.

Board Members’ Key Traits

We are seeking professionals who want to support the growth of sustainable financial wellness programming in their communities. The following three areas describe the core traits of an advisor qualified to help us in our quest:


A deep belief in the importance of promoting financial wellness and a desire to strengthen individuals, loved ones, and communities with financial education.


Individuals and organizations that can allocate time toward financial wellness initiatives and actively participate in Board communications.


Financial service professionals who have a history of serving citizens in their communities with integrity and who exhibit the principles of respected professionalism.

Qualifications: Expertise & Prominence in Select Industries

We seek people with expertise and prominence in their fields. Expertise is measured by credentials, years in respective field, and overall level of proficiency. Prominence is measured through review of your public presence and third-party recognition of your efforts.

The Board will include a diverse mix of professional backgrounds that will best help the Council to meet its social impact objectives across the state. We seek individuals representing these industries:


High School
School Administration
Student Loan Department
Personal Finance Educator
Parent Advocate

Financial Services

Banks / Credit Unions
Financial Advisors, Broker Dealers, & similar
Insurance Organizations, Representatives
Realtors, Real Estate Sales
Real Estate Financing, Mortgage
Accountants, CPAs, Tax Professionals
Financial Educator, Financial Coach

Community Leadership

Business Leader
Nonprofit Leader

Board of Advisors Role

The Advisory Board: We request a minimum commitment of 2 to 8 hours per year allocated toward your advisory role. Your involvement would be publicly displayed on our website and supporting documents. Although your role may vary at different times, following are the main functions:

Share Your Expertise

Join and participate in virtual board meetings and/or committee meetings 2 to 4 times per year.

Deepen Understanding

Time allocated toward keeping up with the Council’s initiatives and evolving community plan.

Community Conversations

Share your passion for and involvement with the cause to promote financial wellness when appropriate.

NFEC’s Mission, Social Vision, & Values


The Massachusetts chapter is aligned with the National Financial Educators Council’s mission to provide people the knowledge and guidance they need to foster greater financial well-being. To accomplish that mission, we mobilize a diverse national force of financial wellness champions and empower them with resources and training so they can effectively support others in their communities to work toward greater financial security.

Social Vision

In collaboration with our state champions, we are creating a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions and confidently take effective financial action that helps them meet their basic human needs and moves them toward fulfilling their personal, family, and global community goals.

Be Your Communities Champion and Join the Massachusetts Financial Educators Council’s Local Advisory Board

We appreciate all applicants and value all people called to the movement to promote greater financial wellness. For our Board, we are looking for specific qualities that will help us move forward. If you are not selected, we thank you for your submission and will keep your application on file for future consideration.