Beneficiaries & Partners

The Massachusetts Financial Educators Council teams up with diverse community stakeholders toward one shared objective: helping people work toward economic empowerment. Along with our key collaborators, we increase access to high-quality financial education and develop programs for your neighbors and community members.

Our beneficiary organizations and partners, who are committed to financial well-being in communities around the globe, are directly supported by our team’s efforts and dedication.

Beneficiary Groups

The movement to promote financial wellness still operates at the grassroots level and our beneficiary groups are key to delivering training to individuals across the state. These beneficiary groups have received in-kind donations and support from the Council to empower the people they serve with financial literacy education.


OSA is a public therapeutic school serving 6th to 12th grade students. OSA’s programming includes core academics, individual and group counseling, art and music therapy, a range of high-interest electives, and clinical case management.

We believe all students can learn and achieve greatness when systems, practices, and relationships are designed to foster the greatness of everyone. Expressive arts, educational equity, student-driven learning, restorative justice, healing-centered practices, and shared leadership are core areas of focus at OSA.



WATCH seeks to connect, convene and empower a wide range of community members in order to accomplish social and economic justice goals. WATCH seeks to create a community in which all residents, including low and middle income people, immigrants and others who are traditionally disadvantaged or removed from existing power structures, have a voice and can influence decisions, such that social decisions benefit the whole community and not just a few. WATCH incorporates a multi-prong approach to serving the community: Adult Education, Tenant Advocacy & Support, Community Organizing for Affordable Housing and a Job and Financial education Clinic. By being a safe space for low-income and immigrant community members, WATCH provides a safety net and resource while providing resources, education and leadership opportunities.

Lincoln Public Schools

The Lincoln School Committee is responsible for preschool to grade 8 educational programs at the Lincoln School which serves approximately 600 students. Lincoln School is one of the initial member schools in the METCO Program, a voluntary desegregation program that provides an opportunity for students from Boston to enroll in suburban school districts. Approximately 90 students from Boston attend the Lincoln School each year. In addition to the Lincoln School, the district operates the Primary and Middle Schools at Hanscom Air Force Base through a contract with the federal government. Approximately 600 students attend the Hanscom Schools. The community has long expressed its continued support for the schools.

Lincoln has a long tradition of educational excellence and strives to offer innovative, student-centered instruction in an inclusive setting with small class sizes. Parents and community members are very supportive of the school and demonstrate this through their active participation in the Lincoln PTO, Hanscom PTO, The Lincoln School Foundation and school-based volunteer programs.

Advocacy Partners

Partners of the Council have demonstrated their commitment to assist the campaign across Massachusetts in a variety of ways. We appreciate their helpful support to promote the financial wellness movement.

The Basketball League

The Basketball League

The Basketball League (TBL) is dedicated to delivering a World Class Professional Basketball experience to our community, our fans, and our business partners, with the following mission:

  • Provide communities with a professional basketball team that gives an affordable/quality family entertainment experience.
  • Offer support and encouragement to local communities through engagement in school and group appearances, youth camps, clinics, and non-profit organizations.
  • Afford basketball players the opportunity to make a living playing the game they love, in America.
  • Procure local individuals or groups an opportunity to own a professional sports business. Provide a relatively low cost barrier to entry and a proven game plan to success, with a return on their investment while positively impacting their region.