Financial Education Speakers & Trainers in Massachusetts

For organizations looking for highly qualified speakers and presenters, the Massachusetts Financial Educators Council provides local experts who provide these services complimentary.

All speakers are volunteering their time to empower communities with financial education programming. Nothing is ever marketed or sold – these events are led by people who represent the mission of the Massachusetts Financial Educators Council.

Attendee Materials & Resources for Massachusetts-based Organizations

To supplement attendees’ financial education, resources are provided complimentary at all events. All materials are free of advertising, purely educational, and developed by the National Financial Educators Council – an IACET Accredited Provider.

Student Guide Provided by personal finance speakers for the Massachusetts Financial Educators Council

Student Guides Aligned with Presentation

Online Financial Literacy Program for the Massachusetts Financial Educators Council

Online Financial Education Program Access

Family Finance materials speakers share through the Massachusetts Financial Educators Council

Family Finance Materials for All Ages

Partial List of Personal Finance Speakers In Massachusetts

Andrew Lendnal

Elizabeth Clark

Ellis Cropper

Mahendra Pattni

Laura Fortuna

Joan Perreault

Jeffrey Tomaneng

Betsy Vallone