Participate in Our Monthly Advocacy Promotion Campaigns

The Massachusetts Financial Educators Council spearheads the financial wellness movement across the state to raise awareness about the financial literacy cause and encourage individuals to work toward a stronger financial position.

Our campaigns are focused on improving financial wellness through promoting the adoption of financial literacy programming in schools, encouraging individuals to work toward greater financial strength, getting families involved in teaching kids about money, and sharing research with the industry to empower broader advocacy.

We invite you to participate in these campaigns to help our community work toward greater financial wellness. Because financial education is still a grassroots movement, your participation is much valued and needed.

Featured Campaign: United for Financial Literacy

United for Financial Literacy welcomes people who feel called to educate, advocate, inspire, and lead financial wellness initiatives to serve their local community members. The campaign mobilizes local financial wellness champions and provides them with the resources, training, and support they need to bring practical financial education to their communities.

Monthly Advocacy Campaigns


In conjunction with the New Year and Financial Wellness Month, January promotions encourage people to review their finances and make plans for the coming year. Share a Personal Finance Calendar that helps people organize and automate their financial planning. Help us spread the word about how much money people report having lost in the past year due to financial illiteracy.


In February, we remind people that they will start receiving information they’ll need to prepare their tax returns. Also, to coincide with Valentine’s Day, we’ve designated February as Love & Money Month. Join us in sharing resources to open lines of communication about finances between couples, families, and adults with aging parents.


Setting our clocks forward in mid-March triggers what we call Sunset Savings Time – a reminder for people to review their savings plans. We also release results of our annual financial literacy test, which you can share with your network. Consumer Protection Week occurs the first week of the month, representing a time for consumers to learn about their rights and how to protect them. March also is National Credit Education Month. Help us spread the word about the importance of having a great credit score and share resources to help people get there.


April is a big month for financial wellness – National Financial Literacy Month. On National Teach Children to Save Day, join us in sharing standards and tips for teaching kids about money. Tax Day arrives mid-month, a time to remind people to file their returns and review their tax plans. On Financial Educators Day, we celebrate those individuals who are making a difference in people’s lives through financial education. We also offer an Easter version of the Cash for Candy promotion, encouraging parents to put cash in their kids’ Easter baskets instead of candy. Finally, Take Your Child to Work Day occurs the 4th Thursday of the month. Help us share the word about the benefits of showing kids the value of exploring career possibilities.


In May we highlight Family Financial Wellness as a promotional message. For Mother’s Day, join us in sharing the Family Chores Project as an alternative to traditional gifts for Mom. Help spread tools and activities for teaching children positive money habits. We release the results of a survey about which parents are more likely to teach their children money skills. On National Military Spouse Appreciation Day, take part in donating free online financial education to military families.


June is National Homeownership Month. We promote looking at long-term financial planning related to homeownership. The Family Chores Project offers kids an alternative gift for Dad – volunteering to take on some of his chores. For college-bound students, the FAFSA form must be submitted by the end of June. Share a complimentary guide to tackling student loan debt. Stand with us in promoting draft legislation mandating that students must have financial education before they can take out federal student loans.


Research shows that kids frequently suffer learning loss over the summer months. In July we promote ways to help them develop a strong work ethic while they learn money skills. For Independence Day, help us distribute complimentary tools for working toward financial independence. On National Lottery Day, we encourage people to celebrate by NOT playing the lottery.


August is National Wellness Month, so we promote getting education to improve one’s financial wellness. It’s also Back-to-School Month. Help us get the word out to parents to seize shopping as a teachable moment to deliver valuable money lessons for children – we offer a free shopping list and activities to get them started. Stand with us to advocate that high schools offer financial education as part of their core curriculum. Our surveys indicate that most Americans agree with this mandate. At the end of August, National Lemonade Stand Day offers a chance for kids to practice entrepreneurship and money management.


September marks National Preparedness Month, a good time for people to review and update their emergency preparedness plans. Promote the results of our survey demonstrating Americans’ ability to meet a financial emergency. September also is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Join us to raise awareness about resources for handling financial stress. Around Labor Day, we promote employee financial wellness with research results and resources.


In October we observe three occasions related to emotional and mental health: Emotional Wellness Month (all month), Mental Illness Awareness Week (second week), and World Mental Health Week (second week). Help spread awareness about the relationship between personal finances and emotional/mental health. Share results of a survey about where people turn when they need financial guidance. For World Savings Day, we promote the importance of savings to one’s future. The Cash for Candy Campaign offers ways for treat-givers to hand out cash instead of candy on Halloween and teach kids valuable money lessons at the same time.


As the holiday season gets underway, our promotions focus on advertising that targets young children and why it should be stopped. Stand with us as we reach out to policymakers and advertisers about this important issue. “In the Black Friday” is our push to encourage people to save instead of spend this holiday season – staying in the black instead of going into the red. Sunset Savings Time kicks off with the mid-month time change. Remind people to review their long-term financial plans and explore how they can increase their savings. November is also National Entrepreneurship & Career Development Month; join us to promote lifelong learning and skills development.


To encourage overall financial health as the holiday season wraps up, we promote our Give Savings campaign. This campaign encourages people to give their loved ones the gift of savings instead of going into debt over the holidays. Our survey results indicate that most Americans would prefer to receive money over gifts. Also, help us share our free annual Personal Finance Calendar to help people organize their finances and get reminders of key dates for the coming year.

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